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With over 1500 pages available at there is a HUGE AMOUNT of different and unique information about St. Joan of Arc. The Featured Page of the Day will spotlight a different page each and every day and many will correspond chronologically to actual events that took place in Joan's life on a particular day in history. Check back each day on the homepage of for a new featured page. You can also receive the Featured Page of the Day at our FaceBook page or at Twitter by following We hope this feature will allow you to learn even more about the legendary St. Joan of Arc and help inspire you each day by her wonderful example.

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Read Letter From Joan to Count of Armagnac on August 22, 1429 - Click Here

PAGE PREVIEW: Letter to the Count of Armagnac dated August, 22, 1429, from Joan of Arc Jesus + Maria Count of Armagnac, my very dear and good friend: Joan the Maid informs you that your messenger has arrived, who told me that you sent him here in order to learn from me which of the three Popes, which you asked about in your letter, you should believe in. Concerning which, I cannot very well tell you truly for the time being, until I am at at Paris… VISIT PAGE BY CLICKING HERE

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