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The Life of Joan of Arc
By Anatole France

Frontispiece for The Life of Joan of Arc book by Anatole France

Anatole France published his lengthy two volume biography about Joan of Arc in 1908 however it was poorly received and criticized by historians about it's historical accuracy. It was also criticized by Christians especially Catholics for the way it portrayed Joan such as the way it tries to explain away her supernatural visions as being derived from a psychological neurosis brought about from religious fanaticism. One reputable historian who had much to say about France's biography in his own biography about Joan The Maid of France was Andrew Lang who Anatole France actually praises in his Preface to this English edition for helping him to correct and add some references.

Table of Contents for The Life of Joan of Arc


                          Chapter 1 Childhood
                          Chapter 2 Voices
                          Chapter 3 First Visit to Vaucouleurs. Flight to Neufchâteau...
                          Chapter 4 Journey to Nancy. Itinerary from Vaucouleurs...
                          Chapter 5 The Siege of Orléans from the 12th of October...
                          Chapter 6 The Maid at Chinon—Prophecies
                          Chapter 7 The Maid at Poitiers
                          Chapter 8 The Maid at Poitiers (continued)
                          Chapter 9 The Maid at Tours
                          Chapter 10 The Siege of Orléans from the 7th of March to...
                          Chapter 11 The Maid at Blois. Letter to the English. Departure...
                          Chapter 12 The Maid at Orléans
                          Chapter 13 The Taking of Les Tourelles and the Deliverance...
                          Chapter 14 The Maid at Tours and Selles-en-Berry. Treatises...
                          Chapter 15 Taking of Jargeau. The Meung Bridge. Beaugency
                          Chapter 16 The Battle of Patay. Opinions of Italian and German...
                          Chapter 17 The Auxerre Convention. Friar Richard. The Surrender...
                          Chapter 18 The Surrender of Châlons and of Reims. The Coronation...
                          Chapter 19 Rise of the Legend


                          Chapter 1 The Royal Army from Soissons to Compiègne...
                          Chapter 2 The Maid's First Visit to Compiègne. The Three Popes...
                          Chapter 3 The Attack on Paris
                          Chapter 4 The Taking Of Saint-Pierre-le-Moustier. Friar Richard's...
                          Chapter 5 Letter to the Citizens of Reims. Letter to the Hussites...
                          Chapter 6 The Maid in the Trenches of Melun. Le Seigneur de l'Ours...
                          Chapter 7 Soissons and Compiègne. Capture of the Maid
                          Chapter 8 The Maid at Beaulieu. The Shepherd of Gévaudan
                          Chapter 9 The Maid at Beaurevoir. Catherine de la Rochelle...
                          Chapter 10 Beaurevoir. Arras. Rouen. The Trial for Lapse
                          Chapter 11 The Trial for Lapse (continued)
                          Chapter 12 The Trial for Lapse (continued)
                          Chapter 13 The Abjuration. The First Sentence
                          Chapter 14 The Trial for Relapse. Second Sentence. Death of the Maid
                          Chapter 15 After the Death of the Maid. The End of the Shepherd...
                          Chapter 16 After the Death of the Maid (continued). The Rouen...


                          Appendix 1 Letter from Doctor G. Dumas
                          Appendix 2 The Farrier of Salon
                          Appendix 3 Martin de Gallardon
                          Appendix 4 Iconographical Note


                                              Volume 1 Footnotes
                                              Volume 2 Footnotes


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